Code libraries for PHP, ASP.NET C# a VB, classic ASP

Softwarové knihovny, referenční implementace a poradenství pro integraci online platby

Does your developed application need to quickly integrate an online payment method?
We offer a ready-made solution of software libraries for ASP.NET C # and VB, classic ASP delivered together with a sample application demonstrating the invocation of the payment gateway and the processing of the payment result.

The library is integrated into your application via a single interface. The libraries deal with the invocation of the payment gateway, the processing of the result after the completion of the payment, including asynchronous notifications about the status of the payment from the gateway server, or periodic polling of the gateway for the status of payments.

We provide support and consultations for libraries. We offer also setting up the sample application directly for a given developer test account, so the developer can immediately start working on the integration.

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