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Payment by card, online bank transfer and Barion wallet - Payment module

Option: Installation service by our personnel included
Price: 6 000 CZK
(approx. 250 €)
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Supported versions Vik Booking 1.6+
Other versions upon request.

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Barion Gateway

The Barion payment gateway makes a wide range of payments available. It enables card payments, fast online transfers from the internet banking of a number of banks, and payment by Barion wallet.

Localization to multiple languages

The module is normally localized in Czech, Slovak, and English with possibility of user localizations to other languages.

License and guarantee

This module is licensed for use on one domain only as specified in the purchase order.

Warranty period on module functionality including support is 12 months from purchase. It is possible to prolong this period according to conditions on the page Updates.

The complete terms and conditions are specified here.

Using multiple modules from

If you use another module from on you eshop, it is necessary to update it to the current version. You can obtain it on the page Updates.

Prerequisites for deployment

This module offer contains complete technical solution connecting the eshop with the payment gateway. The offer does not include any fees possibly demanded by the bank or payment gateway operator.

The Module can be optionally ordered including the service of installation and setup into your eshop. We will manage the installation and you will be able to receive payments immediately. The module is of course also available without the installation service. There is a detailed installation manual included.

Technical prerequisites for deployment

The following PHP extensions are required on your hosting (available by default on majority of hostings):
  • PHP 5.6, 7.x, 8.x
  • bcmath


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